Hi Everybody,

Please listen! I have something very important to tell you.

You all know how difficult and expensive to keep the site online in the midst of the economic recession we all are passing through. So we wish to make some part of the site for subscribers only. The site can of course be viewed free, but only the subscribers can get new articles and services. Non subscribers can enjoy all the existing services FREE and will get one new article every month. The subscribers can enjoy the following services:

1. At least one article every week delivered directly to their inbox

2. Guidance for their self-development

3. Article on a topic of their choice once two months.

4. ebooks

5. newsletter (printed version)

6. counseling via email

7. discussion forum

More and more services and products will be added as the number of subscribers increase. More and more articles on diverse topics; sub sites, 10 MB emails etc. from www.psychology4all.com are also in the agenda. Later on, a full website will be dedicated to subscribers which has high performance and a great many facilities including online chatting, online discussion forums and so on.

Duration of membership is for one year only.

There will be three types of memberships.

The silver, the gold and the student memberships.

The student membership is for psychology students only and is for two years instead of one year.

The student members will get a lot of support for their topics.

This includes articles, short notes & mind maps, special discussion forums and so on.

The gold members will be automatically included in the Ideas-and-Insights Club.

The membership is open to anyone living in any country who has attained 18 years of age.


For silver membership:

Indian Rs. 1500/- (Indian Residents) or US$ 150.00 (rest of the world)

For gold membership:

Indian Rs. 2500/- (Indian Residents)

or US$ 250.00 (rest of the world)

For student membership:

Indian Rs. 750/- (Indian Residents)

or US$ 75.00 (rest of the world)


Expecting your continued support and cooperation,


Ajan Raghunathan,

Webmaster, www.psychology4all.com.