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AUM is an acronym consisting of further acronyms ARJUN UPS MSA (or ARJUN UPS MAS) which describe the nature of knowledge and how it is manifested; the characteristics required attaining peaceful success etc. Again, AUM taken as a whole is the mystic syllable having a lot of meaning and connotations ascribed to it. If you are interested in understanding the mystic and psychological connotations etc of this word you may please read Mandukyopanoshad A Modern Interpretation from a KM Perspective. We recommend you do this. Even if you are not interested in mysticism, you will get some ideas and insights from this E-book/Book.

But if you are not interested in the mystical meaning of the syllable AUM, just see how this seed is ready to become a great Banyan tree. For this you need to understand the word ARJUN. ARJUN stands for Accelerated Radiant Jetting of the Unfolding kNowledge which describes how knowledge, info, data manifest themselves from the seed of wisdom.

But again, the word/name ARJUN taken as a whole reminds us of the legendary hero Arjun of the epic of Mahabharata. It is said of Arjun that when he takes an arrow out of his quiver it is just one; when he puts it to his bow it becomes ten; when he shoots it becomes hundred and on its way it becomes thousand; and when at last it hits it is a rain of arrows. Likewise is the case of the descendence of the ultimate truth to data in the Tao(Absolute Truth)- Wisdom Knowledge info Data order. It is again said of Arjun that he is very focused and had total attention. This is a requirement in the case of knowledge also.

In the cognitive plane, you should understand how knowledge expands exponentially and should be able to utilize this knowledge to the benefit of yourself and others. But for success that lasts and is unlimited you need to strengthen your affective (=emotive) system also. That is where UPS comes in. UPS stands for Unity Peace Serenity. This gives us the suggestion that we should strive for unity, peace and serenity at all times. The word UPS taken as a whole reminds of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) which takes care of the UPS(=ups) and downs in voltage variation and provide you with uninterrupted power. Likewise, unless you have unity, peace, and serenity as your slogan, you cannot have an uninterrupted success.

MSA stands for MIND, Speech, Action. It tells us how action emerges out of the mind.

"Mind is a bundle of thoughts"

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MIND is again an acronym for Motives, Interests, Needs ( & Wants), Desires.

Actually, it tells us a lot about the nature of the mind. Our minds are filled with thoughts, motives, interests, needs, desires we have. Or to be more precise, it is Ideas,Thoughts, Images, Symbols, and Archetypes ( IT IS Archetypes ) that make our minds. To know your mind and thus to know yourself better, you should know these parameters better. This knowledge will help you to transcend the mind and reach that level of consciousness which is the base of mind. Then only you know that the mind gets all its power from this infinite power reservoir.

From a holistic perspective, to know the mind, you should dissolve the mind by meditation. To dissolve the mind, dissolve the thoughts. To dissolve the thoughts, just observe them. This will slowly cease them.

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"What tells in life is the whole mind working together" - William James

From a holistic perspective, to know (and understand) the mind one should dissolve the mind altogether. This can be done by practicing meditation. Any meditation will do. A simple yet powerful method of meditation combining both the ancient eastern wisdom and the modern psychology is Holistic Integration Technique (HIT) by Dr.V.George Mathew.

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"Whatever profession you choose, you will find that the difference between success and failure is largely determined by effective communication skills" - Colin Perchard

Communication is very important in success. Speech is the most common, most used and the most natural method of communication. So to be a successful person you need to improve your speech skills. Your speech is better if the mind is clear/better because mind is the cause of the speech. Again, for the mind to be powerful enough, it should have the power of the Pure Self.

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Action: what ultimately translates to wealth or success is your action, how you do it and when (and where) you do it. To perform your actions best is the easiest way to improve upon your actions. But action depends upon mind and mind on the quality of consciousness. To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your action, you therefore should ultimately improve the quality of your consciousness.

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Thus to be successful you need to know Aum. That is, you should know yourself.

When you know yourself, or when you know AUM, you become a WISE PERSON.

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